rooflite Green Roof Media

Millions of square feet of eco-roofs have been installed using rooflite® certified green roof media

In addition to supplying customized soil blends and premium compost products, Laurel Valley Soils is an authorized blender for rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media Products. Through proper production processes, quality control measures and periodic testing, Laurel Valley Soils can accommodate your green roof project of any size and ensure optimized performance.

What is green roof growing media?

Green roof growing media can be defined as an engineered soil that both mimics and improves on the properties of natural soil. Native soil cannot be used on green roofs due to its excessive weights, its inability to retain sufficient amounts of moisture, as well as its inability to drain excessive amounts of moisture properly.

Advantages of rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media

  • Lightweight to minimize the roof load
  • Heavy enough not to get dislocated by wind or flowing water
  • Stable to give plants sufficient hold
  • Low compaction, insignificant bulk density loss
  • Resistant to frost and fire
  • Retain rain water
  • Drain excess water
  • Sufficiently aerated to promote root growth
  • Have the right level of acidity
  • Salt content is tested for acceptable levels
  • Proper amount of nutrients.

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For more information about rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media Products visit To talk to a sales representative, call Skyland USA at: (610) 268-0017.
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