Since 1979…

Locally owned and operated since 1979, Laurel Valley Soils was born from the concept that the ownership already knew what a great product their compost was and wanted to explore ways to make this great product available to a larger audience.

The ownership, consisting of seven of the largest mushroom farms in the area, each with their own independent business, decided it would be in their best interest to manage one of the key ingredients they needed to successfully grow and diversify, that being the same compost they used to grow their mushroom, but no longer viable to produce additional mushroom crops.

Waste product? Not so fast.

Up until this time this “used” mushroom compost, sometimes referred to as spent mushroom compost or SMS, although far from it since it has a very high organic content (a neutral pH value and an average N-P-K value of 1-1-1) was perceived as being an inferior product. This was due to the fact that it was not being processed and managed properly by most businesses.

Laurel Valley Soils changed all that by developing a dedicated, environmentally friendly composting site, allowing them to produce highly specialized blends of compost and soil products made for any size project or application.

Better processes mean better products.

In the beginning, they worked extensively with Penn State University (one of the leading universities for mushroom cultivation research as well as horticulture and agriculture research) and other horticultural experts to develop better processes and identify the best uses for the product.

Today, Laurel Valley Soils provides their compost and soil products to a vast array of horticultural business, from landscapers, garden centers, and professional turf management firms, while always being dedicated to ensuring that this is accomplished in an environmentally friendly way.