We’re on, even when our product has been dropped off.

Our team consists of experienced professionals that serve you, our customers, from the time you show up on our radar to way after our product is delivered to your site. We are committed to exceeding your expectations by providing the highest quality product options, specifications and recommendations with realistic delivery times.  In the off chance something isn’t right, we fix it. It’s a matter of principles and a dedication to our craft that sets us apart from the rest.

We outfit our production team with the best equipment, enabling them to work efficiently and precisely to manufacture the products that our customers come back for. From top to bottom our “dirt squad” works long and hard hours to fulfill your needs. It is our mission to produce a consistent and superior product, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Here are the people that make the magic happen:

Joe DiNorscia, Supervisor

As supervisor, Joe’s role is both our coach and our catcher. He is here to back stop our wild pitches, and snag those short hops we get from time to time. A constant source of advice and guidance, Joe has been with Laurel Valley since 2002.

Having Joe in the skybox gives the rest of the team the confidence to play hard on the field leaving nothing behind in the dugout.

Rick Long, General Manager

Rick holds the record as being the longest tenured team member in the entire company, having been with Laurel Valley since 1979. Rick has watched more sunrises from the seat of a loader than most people see sunsets from their back porches. Rick is the one who keeps all the parts moving. Whether its overseeing repairs, carefully calculating the mix ratio formula for a custom blend, trucking issues and scheduling or playing weather man for the days ahead, Rick keeps his cool under pressure.

Jake Chalfin, Sales Manager

Having been with Laurel Valley since 2003, Jake’s obsessive love for soil and compost is a little disturbing to some.  The role of compost is evolving rapidly as soil reclamation and storm water management have become an integral part of the green building movement.  Jake likes to interface directly with customers, helping them stay current by providing the latest information in this increasingly complex industry.

From landscaping during his high school summer breaks to moving into the manufacturing side of the business through college, Jake’s dedication to the industry and to protecting the environment is unwavering.  Jake’s connection with the environment developed during his childhood while riding horses through the beautiful Chester County, PA countryside.  An avid horseman, he believes there is no time as important as the present to take action.

Jake has a Bachelor’s of Science from Colorado State University.

Give Jake a call any time; he wants to help you to sustainably grow your business, so he can leave this planet a little better than he found it.

Suzanne Longacre, Marketing Champion

Suzanne is our cheerleader, ready to get the crowd revved up and excited in every venue from Facebook to twitter to our blogs and email blasts.  A true Marketing Geek with over 20 years of delivering highly strategic and engagingly creative campaigns, Suzanne loves to help our customers grow their businesses.  With a degree in AG Marketing from the University of Delaware, Suzanne is ALWAYS available if you have questions, need some creative assistance, or just want to chat.  But make sure you allow enough time—she loves talking marketing a little too much.

Jenny Stamper, Customer Support

Jenny may have to get up on her tippy toes to reach the top of our scheduling board, but you would never know that by her big bubbly personality that is happy to help you every time you call.  Jenny gives you service with a smile and considers every customer to be her favorite. She really believes that coordinating your deliveries on time to keep your business running smoothly is of the highest importance.

Glenn Cote, General Manager ( Laurel Valley Farms, Inc. )

Glenn has been working with Laurel Valley Soils since 1999. He has a B.S. in Horticulture, 1980, and a M.S. in Renewable Natural Resources, 1983, from the University of Conn. Personally responsible for millions of tons of compost!

Tim Yarnall, Production Foreman

Tim is our guy in the ring. He leads a team of skilled operators mixing and screening our soil blends from dawn to dusk. Whether the dust is flying or the mud is splattering, Tim will fight time and weather to the ropes over and over again to keep the yard running on schedule.

Tim has been with Laurel Valley Soils since 1991.

Ron Alexander, Technical & Quality Consultant

Ron has completed over 150 compost marketing and utilization projects worldwide. A degreed horticulturalist, Ron is the author of The Field Guide to Compost Use and Landscape Architecture Specifications for the Utilization of Compost.