The finest details of soil composition

Whether we are producing one of our specialty composts, blending our enriched topsoil, or carefully mixing measured ingredients into one of your custom blend specifications, you can have confidence in the product’s performance.

Laurel Valley has taken the time to learn about the finest details of soil composition, while substantially investing in infrastructure and equipment which give us the edge in quality, production capacity, scheduling, and logistics.

We are all about logistics.

We deliver 99% of our products directly to customer job sites.

Most of our deliveries are made in tri-axle dump trucks carrying 20-30 cubic yard loads.

We have a large fleet of trucks available and we work hard to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

We know that for our customers “time is money” and we take great care to fulfill our delivery promises.

We go over and above to stagger deliveries if the job site can only handle certain loads.

We try to anticipate the weather and adjust our schedules accordingly.

We are sensitive to increased orders and flexible enough to deliver with short notice.

Mid-Atlantic Region

Service with a Smile

We service the entire Mid-Atlantic region.
This includes Delaware, The District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.


On Time Deliveries

We trust our drivers with our product and we make sure that the trucks are always in top working order.
We know that timing is everything and it costs our customers money if we can’t get your products to the job site on time.

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