The finest details of soil composition

Whether we are producing one of our specialty composts, blending our enriched topsoil, or carefully mixing measured ingredients into one of your custom blend specifications, you can have confidence in the product’s performance.

Laurel Valley has taken the time to learn about the finest details of soil composition, while substantially investing in infrastructure and equipment which give us the edge in quality, production capacity, scheduling, and logistics.

Always two steps ahead.
With few exceptions, our soil blends contain the same compost originally created by Laurel Valley Farms used for growing mushrooms. Because of that, we’re not only focused on the soil mixtures themselves, but the ingredients or feedstocks that go into the original compost blends.

Quality Feedstocks + Quality Compost = Quality Soil

We take this compost and blend it with raw materials (more soil) to make the products you use in your gardening and landscaping projects. What ingredients go into this two-step process? Glad you asked.


Step 1

When it comes to choosing our ingredients, selectivity is the word and the old adage of “quality in, quality out” never rings truer than when you are talking about the quality and consistency of compost.

We hand pick and purchase all of the feedstock that go into our compost to ensure uniform consistency, and most importantly, the best performance and end result possible. It’s a well-known fact that the best ingredients yield the best products and we start from the molecular level and work up!

Feedstocks include:
hay, straw, horse bedding, poultry litter, corncobs, cotton seed hulls, cocoa bean shells, gypsum

Closing Our Loop

The compost we make for your landscaping projects has its origins from the same compost we originally made for growing mushrooms.

Our Soil

Step 2
Our Soils

After the compost has yielded a crop of mushrooms, we return it to our facility to further compost, creating our aged and premium compost which serves as a base for 99% of all of our products (now you know why the original ingredients were so important). Our soil texture and nutrient values are always consistent. The soil you buy from us today will be the same soil you buy from us next year and the year after.

We start with a base of the best quality top and subsoils which most closely conform to “sandy loam” of the soil textural triangle. Starting with our raw soil, we meter in our Premium Compost until we have the blend just right. We verify this by testing both our raw materials and finished products on a regular basis.

Quality Assurance

We have strict standards for the ingredients we purchase for our composting operation. All incoming materials are laboratory tested for nutrient content as well as other parameters to ensure that all of our feedstocks are of the highest quality available.

And voilà. Perfect product.
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