Project Location:


Project Location:

Radnor Hunt, Malvern, PA

Property Owner:

Radnor Hunt


TrufDress Compost


Grass Management Inc.

Date Installed:

Spring, 2016

The Radnor Hunt Race Meet is one of the most prestigious stops along the spring Steeplechase horse racing circuit.  With nearly $200K of purse money on the line and the most elite horses racing, the safety and condition of the race course is of upmost importance.  The National Steeplechase Association rates the condition of all their race courses on the circuit, and Radnor consistently scores 10 out of 10 in both turf quality and compaction.  This is because the race director invests in seeding, aerating, and compost topdressing every year.

Compost amended soils promote a deeper, healthier root structure for turf which provides shock absorption and helps prevent divoting and sheering of the turf. This results in preventing slips, falls and soft tissue injuries not only for horses but human athletes as well. Charles Fitzgerald, who owns and operates Grass Management, is known as a wizard of turf, and at Radnor, he prefers to topdress with Laurel Valley Soils TurfDress Compost. The flowability of the compost through his topdressing equipment along with proven results, make this compost Charlie’s choice for large sports turf applications.

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