Shearon Topdressing

Project Location:

Topdressing Turf

Project Location:

The Traditions at Longwood, Kennett Square, PA

Property Owner:

The Traditions at Longwood HOA


Cyclone Compost


Shearon Environmental

Date Installed:

Fall, 2016

Topdressing turf in conjunction with aeration and overseeding is an excellent way to lighten the soil and reduce compaction, which in turn increases both water absorption and moisture retention. Applying Laurel Valley Cyclone Compost containing organic slow-release nutrients, rich amounts of biological organisms and high organic matter is an environmentally friendly way to amend turf and boost its natural immune system. When the health and safety of family, pets and the environment is top priority, compost is the best turf management tool available.

Laurel Valley’s Cyclone Compost was specifically designed for use with blower trucks.  It is lightweight, friable and flows through the hopper and hose without clogging.  Utilizing a mulch blower truck is the most efficient way to topdress turf for large acreage projects, as well as being handy in residential communities when working in tight spaces between trees, houses and driveways.

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