Stormwater management BMP’s (Best Management Practices) are part of every new construction project. Installation of Bio-retention basins and rain gardens is a common method used for capturing storm water.

The general design of a basin or rain garden can vary.  Some basins incorporate stone drainage layers and filter fabric below the engineered soil filter layer (Bio-retention soil) and some do not.  The Bio-retention soil can also vary quite a lot in the design composition of the component mixture.


Below are examples of projects we worked on this past year in which every basin utilized a different type of Bio-retention soil, however the end goal was always the same: to capture the water before it can leave a site, filter out contaminants and then infiltrate the water deep into the ground.  The reasons why there are so many different types of Bio-retention soils being utilized today include:

  1. Bio-retention soils are a new technology and the designs are still evolving.
  2. Different site and soil conditions often require different approaches.
  3. Municipalities and managing agencies often have different specifications.

Sound complicated?  Not to worry!  Engineered soils is what we do.  We are the experts, and are here to help you navigate this rapidly evolving world of storm water management.  Call us at 610-268-5555 or email Jake Chalfin, Sales Manager, at
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