Marketing Topdressing is E-Z with our Topdressing Tool Kit!

Want to Start Offering Topdressing?

Already Offer Topdressing, but Want to Increase Sales?  

We have the following tools to help you!

  1. We are hosting a Demo Day with the ECOLAWN Combo Compost Spreader and Seeder on August 17, 2017 so you can see how easy it is to Topdress and Seed in one pass!   Laurel Valley staff will be there to answer your questions about topdressing, compost, and marketing.  Plus, you will get a FREE LUNCH!
  2. We have created our Topdressing Marketing Kit, which is filled with the tools you need to market topdressing.
  3. We will be promoting Topdressing at the Kennett Square Mushroom Festival on September 9 and 10, 2017, and want to drive interested prospects to YOU!

1.  Demo Day Details

Demo Day
2.  Topdressing Marketing Kit

Laurel Valley Soils Topdressing Marketing Kit

Topdressing Flyer

Here is a flyer you can send to your customers via EDDM, add to a Val-Pak campaign, or slip into your door hangers after other services.  We will add your company info (for FREE!) and send the file to your printer.  Check out a sample below:


Download Lawn Envy Topdressing Flyer

Lawn Envy Topdressing Flyer - Back-5

Download Lawn Envy Topdressing Flyer – Back

Eblast Template

Want to send an email to all your customers to promote Topdressing, but don’t have the time to design something catchy?  Well, look no further!  You can download this template, or call us to have it tweaked for you, and voila!  Instant Eblast!

Topdressing Eblast Template

Download Topdressing Eblast Template

3.  Kennett Square Mushroom Festival

Senator Dinniman at Mushroom Festival

On September 9 and 10 we will be back again with 250,000 fun-gi’s and fun-girls to celebrate the reason Laurel Valley Soils exists:  mushrooms!  We will be promoting Topdressing, and will have an ECOLAWN with Seeder on display. We will be distributing the Lawn Envy Topdressing Flyer, which includes a call-to-action offer of a 10% discount for Topdressing Services.  If you would like us to give YOUR company a shout-out that you Topdress, and are offering the 10% discount, email us!  We will include all participating companies in our promotions.

Want to participate?  Have questions? Need help?  Call Suzanne at 610-268-5555 or email:

What Business-Boosting Super Power Would You Choose?

Compost man

Would you wish for improved moisture holding capacity in your soil, so your plants would have increased drought tolerance and stay vibrant all summer?  Would you want to lighten up your heavy clay soils, improving percolation and reducing compaction, or would you want organic slow release nutrients that can steadily feed your plants all season long?

It would be hard to choose, right?  Because each of your projects may have different requirements and specifications, how would you ever be able to pick just one super power?

The good news is that you don’t have to pick just one!  You can actually get all these powers and more by simply incorporating Laurel Valley Soils OMRI Listed Premium COMPOST into your landscapes!

Organic matter has been Mother Nature’s go-to Super Power since 2320 BC.  We challenge you to think about how compost can super-charge not only your customers’ landscape installations, but your business!  Check out the infographic below to see how incorporating compost into your projects can get RESULTS, and elevate YOUR Company above the rest!


Call us today!   We have your OMRI Listed, STA Certified, Super-Powered Premium Compost that is screened, dry, and ready for action!  610-268-5555.